Easy Garland Decor - DIY with cheap PLASTIC ornaments - Great OUTSIDE holiday decorations - HOW TO

This was a fun project with the kids and turned out great! Easy and inexpensive. We planned for this to go outside so we didn't want to spend a lot of money.

I purchased these shatterproof ornaments the year before during an after Christmas sale. 101 ornaments for $2 each! 

Plastic ornaments
Fishing line or ribbon

We used fishing line but it gets pretty heavy.  Make sure to use a heavier gauge fishing line for big game fishing. I think if we did this project again we would use ribbon, twine, or small packing string. 

I'll update if we have any problems with the fishing line stretching or breaking over time.

One morning during winter break the boys wanted a project since it was gloomy outside.
(This will explain the dark photos)

When the boys saw the ornaments they were so excited to help.

They had a system. One put the ornaments on while the other got the next one ready. The oldest is really particular about patterns and everything being even. He was in charge of adding them. I have no idea where he gets that from!!?? {{insert snickering}} ;) 

I made cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate.

I only helped tie the ends when they were done.

I hung it outside with the same fishing line and added one large plastic ornament to the center. 

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