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I think this is one of the easiest LARGE decoration ideas. You are recycling most of the materials and inexpensive to purchase the remaining supplies.

Every year I make a few more and store in the attic by cramming them in a giant trash bag. :) We also keep one year round in the guest bathroom bathtub. Haha! My hubby says it's a conversation piece. Strangely no one EVER wants to go to the restroom in our house. Weird! :P

Old clothes
Newspaper - mailer ads
Packing tape
Duck tape (outside of bag)
Trash bagss
Safety pins (optional)

I used clothes that are too stained or worn to be donated to create the body. 

I saved old newspapers and ads from the mail to fill the clothes. 

Put the boys to work. :)

I like to attach the front, back, and sides with safety pins to keep everything together. It makes it so much easier when wrapping.

For the head I just an old plastic container. I padded with newspaper and attached with tape. I made sure to flip the shirt collar up to make sure it was securely attached.

You can also use a milk jug. 

Before bagging I like to tape the arms in place. Shown above.

So far the best bags (large, sturdy, & not that expensive) are HDX Extra Large Trash Bags from Home Depot. 

Takes two bags. I kinda shape where the neck tape will be placed. Start at the top and tape as much as you want. I think maybe around neck, chest, waist, thighs, and ankles but you can use less. 

Make sure you tape where the top bag ends. This way you can't see it's two separate pieces.

I have so many now that we started naming them. Lol. 

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