Kitty LITTER BOX CAKE - GROSS Halloween / April Fool's Day - PARTY FOOD idea - Cat Turds - Tutorial - So EASY

I've made this cake for Halloween, April Fool's Day, Birthday - You're the Shit Cake, etc.
So fun and super easy! I once made it for friends when they came home from a vacation after I watched their cats. LOL! Nothing says welcome home like a cat turds. :) 

I purchased a new litter box and scooper. Lol. I know that's obvious but just in case.

Bake a french vanilla 9x12 cake or any flavor really. Cut into two layers. 

Layer cake, icing, cake, icing
 I used cream cheese icing but you could use any flavor as well.

For the crumble on top I crushed up Golden Oreos and added a little green food color in a zip lock bag.
Mix well and spread over the top.

To make the cat poop - I used tootsie roll candy. I put a few on a plate and microwaved for 5-10 seconds until melty but not melted everywhere. You just want it warm enough to mold. I start with 5 seconds and continue if needed.

I stuck a few together and stretched out the ends. :) Be creative! LOL! See the one hanging on the side? Creepy but so fun! The boys usually help with this and we joke, "Don't eat the cat poop, please!"

The one below I used more green food color and I love how it turned out!

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