ZOMBIE eyeballs - Deviled eggs - Kids HALLOWEEN party ideas - themed food

I love Halloween and love to make themed party food. Here are my deviled eggs this year. 

Hard boiled eggs and my regular deviled egg recipe. 

This was my test run before the party so I used pre-made hard boiled eggs from the store. If you are short on time it works perfect. I do think homemade tastes sooooooo much better.

I added green food color and mixed. I always bag and use an icing tip to re-fill. You can fill any way you like. 

NOTE: One year I tried using avocado to make them green BUT if you pre-make (which I do) the avocado turns brown and so do your eggs. They look really gross and maybe that's what you are going for. I wanted them green so food color did the trick!

Smoothed out

Added olives for the center of the eye

Added red food color to mayo and drew red "veins"

Everyone loved them!!!

Thank you for stopping by!

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