SEVERED Fingers - Themed Halloween PARTY food IDEAS - Hot dogs - gross & creepy

Ooooh I love this one so much! Kids and parents thought they were gross and amazing all in one. Plus, they can be prepped a day before which is fantastic!

Large straw or decorating tip

I used the decorating tip to cut out the nail bed. It made the perfect shape and easy to scoop out.

I used the knife to make the other end jagged so they looked torn off. :)

 I also made slits for the joints.

Pre cut everything and store in a zip lock in the refrigerator. Before the party just boil. Easy!!!

After boiling they look even better.

I served on lettuce with ketchup as the "blood." Sides of relish, ketchup, mustard, cheese were set out as well. 

One year I made hot dogs as LIVE WORMS for our kids party plus some other fun Halloween food ideas.

I just sliced the hot dogs long ways and when you boil they curl.

Kids love these!

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