Making your house come ALIVE!!! Halloween decoration IDEAS - DIY - How to Make Tutorial

Eeeeee!!! I'm so excited about this and LOVE how it turned out!

Making my house come alive for Halloween....literally :)

Spooky eyes and teeth for the house

I went to Home Depot for the cheapest wood I could find that came in a sheet. I think this one was $15. Original plan was for the teeth to be bigger but I had them cut the wood from 4'x8' to 3'x8' so it would fit in my car. No truck :/

wood 4'x8' sheet
sharpie marker
acrylic paint
spray paint

Free handed what I wanted

Cut with a saw

I started with a thick messy layer of acrylic paint 

Started shaping the teeth but left some room at the top that will be covered by the house when it's hanging

added a little yellow around the gums

Then some brown spray paint. Now for the blending. I did the brown spray paint one tooth at a time. I took a sponge and since my acrylic paint was still wet it blends very nice.

Added some red spay paint to the gums and blended some more. Then I added the "blood" on the teeth with more red spray paint.

Finished it off with a little black spray paint around the edges


I didn't want to add any hooks or nails to my house. There is a lip inside the columns so I left a little edge on the wood just to set it in place. So easy and NO DAMAGE!!! Whoooohooo!!

Spooky Eyes

I didn't have a way to hang the eyes without a nail or something permanent so I used card board cake bases or whatever they are called. :) My son actually brought them home from a discovery class at the end of last year. She was getting rid of all random supplies. Now they came in use.

card board
tracing objects
permanent markers
spray paint
packing tape 
command stips

My tracing objects....don't laugh :) Plastic plate to make the mean looking eye, spray paint can for the pupil, and my water jug for the eye color. 

Used permanent markers to color the eyes

Two different greens

adding a little blood shot look

Spray painted the edges red and black

Not show but since they are going outside and it's just card board I took clear packing tape and sealed the front and back.

I decided to hang with these Command strips since they say they hang with no damage to the paint. So far so good. They've been up for about a week and holding strong. We've had a storm and lots of wind too.

At night

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  1. How you hang the eyes if your house is made of brick above the archway instead of wood?

    1. I used command clips but I don't think they attach to brick. My last house had little vent holes under the roof that I used paper clips and fishing line to hang ghosts and bats from. My original plan was to hang the eyes that way but this house doesn't have that. Sorry, not too familiar with attaching to brick.

    2. You could try hot glue. I've seen that used on brick to hang lights, this wouldn't be any different, and wouldn't damage your brick.

  2. How did you hang the teeth in the archway of your house? What suggestions do you have if the house is made of brick above the archway instead of wood?

    1. The teeth are just balanced up on a little ledge or lip off the arch. I didn't use any nails or anything. Last year we had a bunch of windy days so I took fishing line and wrapped it around the first tooth on each side and then around the pillars. Not sure about brick.

  3. Hi Elena,
    I am from a Scandinavian Online Magazine called The Paper Crafting and I am doing a piece on Halloween. I came accross your blogpost via Pinterest and would like to show the photos of your scary eyes in my article and link to your tutorial.
    Please contact me on
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Pia Krogh Larsen
    Writer & Member of editorial board.
    The Paper Crafting.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I always love Halloween. Thank you for taking the time to comment! Very appreciated!

  5. These have so much character! Really terrific. Thanks.