KIDS Halloween PARTY ideas - decorations, food, and games!

Every year we have a Halloween party (except last year since we were moving) and it's always so much fun! I love themed food, planning games and especially decorating. Over the years we've gotten a little more scary but that's the best part!

Here are photos from our last two Halloween parties. Both are very similar but maybe better pics from one or the other so I'm posting both.


Zombie pictures from past years

I bought that room scene setter kits from Party city


Different room scene setting from Party City

Candy bar


Snake eggs - grapes
Finger food - chips and veggies with dip
Eye balls - cakeballs
Brain - jello
Worms - hot dogs
Goblin juice - lemonade with food color


Candy bar!!! This was a huge hit

Gummy worms
Chocolate dipped marshmallows
Bags of Blood
Tongue tattoo candy
Chocolate eyeballs
Gummy body parts
Candy corn


Mummy wrap with toilet paper

Mini powdered donuts on string. Hands behind your back try to see who gets the donut eaten first!

On the table I had mini candy necklace kits to keep kids busy until all the guests arrived.

Donut game again but instead of two at a time we had eight go at a time and then the winners.

Ghost pop! I filled balloons with treats or novelties and with a sharpie made the ghost eyes and mouth. They had to "pop" all the ghosts as fast as they could and get to keep anything inside.

I made this out of small boxes, holes cut out (just small enough for a hand to fit) and covered in black table clothes and spider web. There are 24 holes and about half contained a novelty toy or treat. The rest had cooked spaghetti (felt cold and slimy) :D Brave souls dared to reach in! Mwahahahaha!

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