DIY ZOMBIES - Halloween DECOR - YARD skeletons - Easy and inexpensive

I'm BAAAACK!!! I feel like I have a million posts but I'll start with this.....HALLOWEEN decorations!!! I made super inexpensive and easy skeleton zombies. They are awesome!!

3/4" PVC pipe
3/4" cross connectors
3/4" T connectors
3/4" elbow connectors
foam skeleton head
old clothes

skeleton hands

I measured out the parts for one and put it together to see what to adjust for the rest. Used a saw to cut.

Spine -32 inches
Arm/Thigh - 12 inches
Leg- 11 inches
Shoulder/neck/hip/forearm - 9 inches

Standing skeleton- Legs - 40 inches
I made the hips smaller on the standing skeleton to fit his pants

Putting it together

dressing the skeleton

Either added the "neck" pipe from the bottom

or the back depending if it is standing or laying down. I just twisted the PVC pipe into the foam.

Added a skeleton hand since this one will be reaching GET YOU!!! :)

One standing

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. It is almost that time of year again! We were surfing around looking for idea and found your site. Great job on the zombies! We might try that this year.

    Your post was the main inspiration for my Halloween decor this year.

    1. AWESOME! Checking link out now. Everything looks amazing!