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I LOVE dipped oreos....haven't had one? WHAT??? Oh my. YOU. MUST. TRY!!! I thought they would be overly sweet or too much chocolate but they are just SO good. {{drool}}

Oreo cookies
Candy Melts
Chocolate Transfer sheets (optional)
Wax or parchment paper

 The white polka dot sheet is a chocolate transfer. It's printed with cocoa butter making the design edible. It can be transferred from the plastic backing to melted chocolate while wet. When the plastic sheet is pulled away after it has dried, the design is left behind on the chocolate. I purchased these at a local bake shop but they are available online as well. 

Measure and cut with just a little excess on the sides since the chocolate spreads when you press down

Melt chocolate until smooth. I usually microwave for 30 seconds and stir (mash) and then another 15-20 seconds. This all depends on the amount of melts you use and may melt faster if you are using a smaller amount

Dip oreo and flip until covered. Use the side of the bowl to tap the fork to remove excess chocolate. Then slide oreo to the tip of the fork and lay it on wax paper.

Apply transfer sheet with design print down

Gently press it flat. This will get any air bubbles out and make it a flat surface

The key to the transfers working is being completely dry and even that sometimes doesn't work. I place the Oreos in the freezer for about 2-5 minutes (or 5-10 minutes in the fridge) and remove transfer sheet just after taking out of the freezer. That ALWAYS works :)

 Note: Do not leave them in the freezer. I made that mistake once and when they come back to room temp they were so sticky. Gross sticky. They were known in our house as "mess ups" and were gone in minutes. Apparently gross sticky did not effect the taste :)

For the sprinkles I dipped only the top.  I grabbed the Oreo already dipped by the very bottom, pressed in sprinkles and returned it to the fork to re-dip just the bottom I touched. Then slid it off the fork to wax paper

You can add the star right after you dip or you can a a little bit of chocolate and place on top. I couldn't decide if I was going to drizzle red and blue chocolate or use the stars.

Had a few eager taste testers.

I found this packaging at my bake shop and only wish it came in silver :/

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I just found these on Pinterest and have to tell you that they are adorable! I recently made dipped Oreos (in quantity) for the first time. I did hand dipped for some and used a mold for others. So easy to make something so pretty. I have never tried transfers (I am a drizzle or sprinkle addict). Those polka dots are so fun! I am off to Michaels to see what I can find! Thank you for this great photo tutorial and tips!

    1. So glad you stopped by and thank you for the sweet comment!

  2. how many oreo cookies can be dipped with each package of candy melts?