College move-in day - surprise ideas - photo book with cash & gift cards - words of wisdom jar - Fun way to start freshman year

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It was move-in day for my first born and everything was perfect! Planning, planning, and more planning all paid off. There wasn't anything we really forgot to bring and actually took a few things home.

He's a gamer and recruited to his school to play esports. Even though they have two amazing gaming facilities, he also brought his setup. He's great with time management so I'm not too worried. ((fingers crossed))

UPDATE: Chair is DXRACER that we bought about 4 years ago and the matching desk (not pictured.) Here is an Amazon link
The tapestry is from Amazon and I added the green to match his room. 

I made a hanging snack holder for the dorm that was a surprise. It was packed already filled with snacks so he was thrilled when the rows of all his favorites were unfolded. He thought it was the best idea and it fit perfectly on the inside door of his closet. 

What he doesn't know is that I left two more surprises for him to find later. 

I made a photo book with pictures of family, friends, and pets. I also included cash and gift cards every few pages. Book was $4.99 at Walgreens.

I also made a jar of quotes or little words of wisdom shared by tons of wonderful Moms. I made this really really fast the night before we left and I found a few spelling and grammar issues later. Oh well! He can ignore it or laugh at it. :)

Printed about 200 and cut them out.

Every 10 or so I included CALL YOUR MOM. Lol!

I have the PDF file. Just email me and I'll share. Warning...I'm not sure I found all the spelling and grammar errors yet.

Not to take up too much space I used a cute 6oz plastic jar from Wal-Mart.

I wanted to roll them all but it wouldn't fit and I didn't want a larger container. I ended up just stacking them in the jar and only rolling some.

I have a PDF of quotes but be warned that I probably haven't found all the mistakes. :/ Just email me and I'll share.

The last 50 or so I rolled and filled the rest of the jar. 

I hid both the photo book and words of wisdom in the back of a bottom drawer. Not sure when he'll find them but thought it might prompt a text. Maybe??

I filled his fridge for him and his roommate with drinks for now. Between snacks and meal plan I'm not worried about food. 

AND the first day of class is August 24th so I order a cookie delivery for the 23rd to wish them a great first day. Too much....probably. :)

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