Birthday DECORATING at the OFFICE - cubical / desk idea - SURPRISE your Co-Worker / Boss - streamers, balloons, cake

I work in a small office and I love to celebrate birthdays AND I love the chance to decorate. {{please let me decorate!!!}} Last week we had a birthday and here's what I did. :)

I came in late in the day after everyone left but I think this could easily be prepped ahead of time.

Streamers $.87 each at HEB
Painters tape

I measured one streamer from the ceiling to the floor to get the length and used that to measure all the rest.

I created a pattern of colors and stapled them all together.

I used 5 balloons but you could do way more. I tied each balloon on a ribbon to give it more flexibility just in case I pulled the streamers tighter and it also hid any mistakes. I used one streamer out of order by accident and it twisted everything but you couldn't see it.

We have a drop down ceiling with acoustical tiles in our office. I just lifted one tiles and tucked the balloons and the group of streamers next to the balloons. Start with one streamer and kept the color pattern going.

Slightly twist as you work your way down to the floor.

I attached to the floor, desk, and wall with painters tape. It's not pretty but I wanted it to be easy to remove as well as not leave residue on the desk or wall.

Filled her desk with balloons 

and the cake

Everyone loved it and the birthday girl kept calling it her "cage." Lol!

I also made a KITTY LITTER cake for her because "She's the SH*T!"
Turned out to be a CRAPPY day so we made puns all day. A few years before I made her dog poo cupcakes with the same theme.

A few months earlier I ordered these custom donuts for another birthday and they were 
Fun and colorful!

Thank you for stopping by!

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