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Ever have someone you just know needs to be cheered up? I have a few right now. :( Just a little "thinking about you" surprise. Maybe a much need distraction for a tiny bit.

What is a sunshine box??? A sunshine box is filled with everything yellow. I've been collecting for a while to fill a box that I plan to mail early October. I picked up 2 or 3 of each item just in case. Well, I have family that I know needs something today.

Candy - Lemonhead candy & peanut M&M's
Cup (pink flower but mostly yellow)
Stress ball
Light up toy
Lemon lotion
Lemonade mix
Easter grass (found on sale for $.10 so I was okay that it had a few other bright colors)

Found the socks at the $1 store.

I also purchased yellow wrapping paper from the dollar store to line the inside of the box and printed sunshine graphics to attached to the flaps. - (free download below)

I measured each side of the box and cut paper to fit.

I attached with double sided tape. A yellow bag with yellow tissue paper would work too!

Filled box with Easter grass or shredded paper.

Add the goodies!

Attached the sunshine graphics with double sided tape.

I printed a 4x6 card - (free download below)

Now I find myself looking for yellow all the time. :)

Other snack ideas that are yellow:
Mr. Goodbar
Golden oreos
Lays potato chips
Mike & Ike candy
Laffy Taffy
Sugar Daddy
Dots Candy
Sour Patch Kids

Subway gift card

I've made these treats in the past. 

FREE downloadable graphic and card you can print!

CLICK HERE Sunshine Graphics - (right click to save)

CLICK HERE Sunshine Card - (right click to save)

Send the file to a 1 hour photo lab for easy printing.

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