PRESENT - fun & creative wrapping IDEAS for kids - BIRTHDAY gift - sock MONKEY/rubber band gun

You might remember this "CRATE" present from an ANGRY BIRDS GIFT

This box is much smaller. 10 inch X 10 inch X 10 inch and instead of money it has an armed monkey. LOL!

My son said his friend likes monkeys and he wanted to give him a rubber band gun for birthday. to put it all together as a fun gift.  

Started with a box from HEB. 10x10x10 and some sharpies

Even decorated the bottom. More details on the box in THIS POST

Tried to fold in the part of the box with the most writing or leave it for the bottom. Whatever is easier.

Rubber band gun and rubber bands

Sock monkey

I used a ribbon to attach him and tie his arms in place. 

Found these grenade "water bombs" on sale after summer at Walgreens. I've also purchased some before from Wal-Mart. Filled with air instead of water. :)

Started to fill the box with grenades and added the monkey

Tried to position him so he would look like he was ready for attack

Then filled the rest of the box with balloons and closed with little dots of hot glue instead of tape. 

Labeled the box with printed text. This also covered any other writing on the box.

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  1. You have the best & very creative ideas! I know the b'day boy loved it!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. He did love it. Such a nice surprise from just a gift in a bag.