KIDS Gingerbread House DECORATING party IDEAS ((graham cracker)) Holiday fun & tradition - HOW TO HOST

This is our 2nd annual decorating party and I stepped it up a notch. Last year we had 12 houses and this year......22 houses!!!! Yes, I am crazy. :D

This party requires a lot of prep work but is so worth it!!! 

First I pre-cut each board from cardboard boxes and covered with wrapping paper. Last year I found this thick glitter wrapping (pictured) but this year it's not only glittery but also has snowflakes on it too. No photo but you can kinda tell in the top photo.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend covering the table. This is probably a given with kids but seriously, cover the table. The icing turns into cement basically. :)

I'm going to link to a few other posts for things that need more details. 

Make way more icing then you think you need. Kids go crazy and you don't want to run out.

I purchased Wilton tip #21 for each bag. I had a 20% off coupon and I use them over each year.

I made twelve bags. Some kids had to wait but it really worked out between icing & decorating. I wouldn't want 22 bags of icing on the table. 

I filled cups with candy and made two rows. 

I tried to make sure each side had the same candy. I wanted it symmetrical and even on both sides but it works out better if you spread it out. 

1. Candy corn 

2. Snowball gumballs
4. Double Crisp Santa chocolate

5. Squiggly hard candy (Christmas colors)
6. Mini Wheats cereal (looks like a snow covered roof)
7. Mini candy canes
8. Pretzel sticks
9. Mints

10. Rolo candy (Christmas colors)
11. Hershey Hugs (Christmas colors)
12. Mini M&M's (Christmas colors)
13. Snowman chocolates 

So cute! Some kids made snowmen and others make it look like they were melted. Favorite for sure!

14. Mini marshmellows
15. Gummy bears (Christmas colors)
16. Chocolate chips (Christmas colors)
17. Hershey Kisses (Christmas colors)
18. Holiday Spicettes

19. Shiny parcels (sprinkles)
20. Peep trees & snowmen (I used them last year and forgot to set them out this year)

I found that a plastic grocery store bag works great to take them home.  The base is wide enough that the bag doesn't touch the sides.

Such a fun party! Any questions, just ask :)

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. That looks like such a fun and good idea. Thanks for sharing!