diy CANDY lights - Gingerbread house decorating - SO CUTE and SO EASY! Christmas fun!

Today we are prepping for our 2nd Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party. It's not until next weekend but this helps instead of waiting until the last minute. These candy lights (found originally from Hungry Happenings) were such a huge hit last year so we are making them again. By "we" I mean my son. You may want to make these yourself instead of the kids. Knives and lighters are not kid friendly :) He was 11yrs old (12 now) and did a great job handling the lighter. I love how cute they are and so simple to make.

One of the houses from last year. So CUTE!

Almond M&M's
Mike and Ike candy

We separated the candy and only used green and red but you could use all of them for colorful lights. My kids were super eager to just use the red and green. At first this seemed odd until I realized they wanted the leftovers. Sneaky boys!

Cut Mike and Ike candy in half, very carefully warm the cut end with a lighter and immediately hold agains the round part of the almond M&M. Hold for a few seconds and DONE!

I'm storing them in a ziplock until next weekends fun!

Decorating cookies??? 

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