MONEY Lei - {{Candy & Cash}} fun creative gift idea - Graduation, Birthday

My son was invited to a birthday party last Friday and at this age (15 years old) it's not really presents any more but usually money or gift cards. Pretty much 12 years and up. :/ I love wrapping and gift cards are so boring.

ME: We should make a candy and money necklace!!!
SON: {{confused slash annoyed face}}
ME: What kid doesn't like CANDY & CASH!!???
SON: Just get a gift card
ME: Seriously, it's going to be awesome!
ME: You can have some of the candy.
SON: Sounds like a great idea.


Tulle or clear gift wrap
Double sided tape

We had Twix and M&M's. Halloween candy bought early knowing it won't even make it to October 1st. :/ At least it went to a project and I didn't eat it.

Torn between a few ideas but decided to use a roll of tulle someone gave me almost 4 years ago. Not only was I proving that being a pack rat pays off and finally using it, but I figured the tulle is stretchy enough that you could remove the candy to eat right away. 

Starting with the most important part of the gift, I had my son accordion fold the 20 $1 bills. 

Started with the candy at the edge of the tulle and rolled it twice. Then I used ribbon and tied one ribbon separating each piece of candy.

I used the same ribbon and tied a dollar between each candy.

I thought about making two together so it's a circle but it looks like a flower. I know he wouldn't mind a flower necklace but I like the fan look.

Used a red ribbon (to match the Twix logo) and tied a second dollar.

Used a tiny piece of double sided tape to stick the ends together.

Makes a little fan

 My son absolutely LOVED it. He said it was better than a gift card.

His friend thought it was pretty cool and that was before he noticed the money. LOL!

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