CURLY Deco Mesh Centerpiece - Garland - DIY tutorial - Decoration - HALLOWEEN orange, purple, green & black - SPIDERS- Wreath

This is my VERY FIRST cutesy Halloween craft I've ever made!!! I'm all about scary, gross, creepy, gruesome, bloody Halloween stuff. I kinda (tiny bit) had fun buying some new Halloween theme supplies. 

I've made a deco mesh garland before using a wire track but this was a last minute decision to make and I'm crafting at 2am. :/

No track, craft store not open, BUT's an inexpensive alternative. CARDBOARD!!! 24hr craft store would be awesome! Just sayin'

Deco mesh (Michael's with a coupon and $1 store)
Accessory picks
Cardboard or wire track
Pipe cleaner
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks

Styrofoam block or spheres cut in half (optional)

Purchased the little sign, green mesh, and black mesh at Micheal's with a coupon and purple mesh at $1 store. I bought two rolls and used both.

I wanted orange mesh but I couldn't find it in that size. I was surprised since it's Halloween orange but they only had burnt orange or fall colors.

Cut mesh 10"

Cut ribbon 12"

Layer colors of mesh. Keep in mind that if you want all the colors to look even then make at least two of each pattern. If you don't care....mix and match all you want!

 Ribbon on top, pinch in the center, use a pipe cleaner to attach together. 

Make a billion ton lots of bunches. I ended up using everything. Deco mesh - 1 green, 1 black, 2- (sm) purple, 3 colored ribbon rolls, and 1 pattern ribbon. EVERY scrap was used!!!

I used a side panel from a tri-fold science experiment display board or whatever they are called. :) The rest I used for decorating the office. I cut little styrofoam spheres in half for two reasons. 1.) To have something to secure the sign and picks and 2.) Add a little height in the center.

I thought about only using 3 but once I started testing spacing I decided to use 6.

Tested spacing of the ribbon and planned my pattern to make it symmetrical.

Hot glued in place and ready to attach the deco mesh bunches.

Gather all the curls together and add hot glue to the pipe cleaner and base of mesh. I held in place for a few seconds for hot glue to dry a little so the curls would point up and not lay flat.

 I started on the outside edge at the middle making two rows on either side. 

Once the edges were done I attached the sign to skewers and placed in the center.

Then I worked from the middle and continued to fill in the center row. (Three rows total)

Looks soooo cute already! 

I found these glitter spiders at Michael's and made them into picks.

I held the skewers with a paper towel and spray painted.

Cut down to size and hot glued with some crawling down, to the side, and up.

Added spiders. The styrofoam made it so easy to add the final touches. SO CUTE!!!

AWE!!! I love it!

I used the matching ribbon and one spider for the door hanger.

 Simple and ...... cute. I CAN decorate cute.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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