2017 - Annual Family Zombie Photo - CAMPING theme - photography - halloween props & decorations

We do a yearly family zombie photoshoot and create a new theme of something a family would do but as zombies. A few are in a graveyard or inspired by the Walking Dead. 

Some people send holiday cards.....well, we send Halloween zombie cards. You can see past years -  2009-201320142015 & 2016. I can't believe we've been taking them for NINE years!!!

Our theme this year - FAMILY CAMPING

I had so much fun making all the severed body parts and intestines and they turned out great!

The set-up

Camping stuff (obviously) - Tent, camping chairs, lantern, bbq grill. 

I didn't realize two camping chairs were in my car and it's been in the shop for almost a month. :/ I also didn't realize my tripod was in my car as well. Only two chairs and we used our trash can as the tripod. Lol!

Mini grill with severed nose, fingers, and intestines.

New for this photoshoot were the severed arms, torso and intestines. See link above for DIY tutorial.

((Drum roll))

2017 Family Zombie Photo/Card

Hanging skeleton, severed head & hand on the lantern are in almost all our family photo shoots. Sometimes they don't make it to the final card but we used them.

Happy Halloween!

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