BIO-HAZARD Halloween Party theme - Easy buffet dinner/ appetizer FOOD ideas - FREE Toxic Waste downloadable tags - scary & gross

Halloween party theme this year was Bio-Hazard /Toxic Waste / Zombie Apocalypse. 

If you can't tell by now, I love a good theme and EVERYTHING must match!!! Here's what we served during the party. 

Bio-Hazard Buffet Table

Some oldies with different names to match the theme and some are new. :)

Zombie Flesh
(pulled pork)

Infectious Waste
(salsa and cream cheese dip)
This is a party favorite. I make it every year and just changed the the name tag.

Finger Food
(cut veggies with hummus)

Finger Food
(chips and dip)

Salty Scabs
(beef jerky)
Not really bio-hazard theme but super easy and gross sounding.

Toxic Waste
(macaroni and cheese with bacon)
 I colored the noodles green when cooking. 

Fresh Meat
(cold cuts)
Prosciutto on the skull and salami, ham, and turkey rolled. 

I made this last year as Cured Epidermis. #10 Creepy Party Food Ideas

Radioactive Brain
(cream cheese with chipolte sauce)
I colored the cream cheese green and put in a brain mold.

Tangy Testies

1 bag of frozen meatballs
1 jar of grape jelly
1 jar of chili sauce

Sounds like a weird combo but everyone loves them.

Zombie Eyeballs
(deviled eggs)

I really wanted them green but I didn't test the food color before hand. :( They were really blue and reminded me of something from SpongeBob.

I made HUMAN EYEBALLS and they were awesome. Wish I had made them instead.

I also made zombie eyeballs a couple years ago. TUTORIAL HERE

I didn't print a name tag for the cupcakes but did make little radioactive tags and used bloody zombie hand picks.

I added some finger food, candy, and more cupcakes on a small table between the kitchen and living room.

It's hard to tell in some of the photos with the flash that the stands were glowing really bright. I broke open a few glow sticks and poured into glass jars. Here are more pics.

I printed at Walgreens and folded in half.

(Click link and right click and save)

ZOMBIE FLESH - Pulled Pork
FRESH MEAT - Coldcuts
TOXIC WASTE - Mac & Cheese
FINGER FOOD - Chips & Dip
FINGER FOOD - Veggies & Dip
SALTY SCABS - Beef Jerky
BIO-HAZARD CIRCLE - for cupcakes

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