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Halloween party theme this year was Bio-Hazard /Toxic Waste / Zombie Apocalypse. 
My parties usually revolve around the drink station as the "centerpiece" and I changed the theme every year. Last year I made a LIQ-or-TREAT stone wall.

If you are throwing a similar party, I've included the free downloadable drink tags. Hopefully you get some inspiration. If you have any questions, just ask!

I made 5 toxic waste barrels as my drink station this year. Tutorial HERE.

Here's what I served.

Sangria in IV blood bags. These are a party favorite. I make them every year. 
I found the bags on Amazon and it comes with a syringe to fill the bags.

Remove fruit from sangria and fill.

I usually make the sangria the day before the party. 

Jello shots!!!! 
I label every flavor and usually make a ton. IF I have leftovers, I'll hand them out to the adults on Halloween. They deserve a "treat" too!

Lemon Drop in urine sample cups.

Also another party favorite. We always joke that we serve our urine chilled. Lol. 
I thought I was buying 25 urine sample cups but it was actually 250 so I'll be serving these for the next few parties. 

2 cups vodka
1/3 cup triple sec
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup super fine sugar

Appletini in IV bags and test tubes.
I had leftover blood bags so I filled some and added the biohazard tag.

I cheat and use my Keurig to make the appletini mix and chilled in the fridge. Then just add vodka.

You can't go wrong with beer. 

For non-alcoholic drinks 
Water and lemonade

I made labels that said no contaminants and clear for consumption.

Served in a rusty toxic waste barrel I made. 


(Click link and right click and save)

TOXIC OOZE - jello shots
T-VIRUS - appletini
FALLOUT FIZZ - jager bomb
HAZARDOUS PATHOGEN - pink drink (pink poodle - recipe here)
CONTAMINATED SPECIMEN - lemon drop (served in a urine cup)
ANTIDOTE - lemonade
LIQUID H2O - water

If you want jello shot tags just let me know!

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