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Every year I almost focus my entire party around my drinks. I have so much fun deciding what to serve, how to serve it, and what to name it! I'm already planning next year.

Here's what I served starting with some favorites:

Chilled Urine (Lemon Drop)

Served in these Urine Sample Cups. Washed before filling.

2 cups vodka
1/3 cup triple sec
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup super fine sugar

A+ Blood Bags (Sangria)
 Removed fruit from sangria and filled Blood Bag Drink Holders.

Zombie Virus (Appletini)
I found these Appletini Booze Brews on sale from HEB. I guess they weren't going to carry them anymore. 
I used my Keurig to make them and served cold.

I found the drink jars from Michael's on sale the year before. If I didn't have the jars that aready said Zombie Virus I would've named them Zombitini. 

I have a few left so I'll make them again next year.

Corpse Slush (Buttery Nipple) - left
I premade a large batch and filled test tubes.

Embalming Fluid (Buttered Rum) - right
Just like the zombie virus, I found these Hot Buttered Rum Booze Brews on sale.  I used the Keurig to make them but I served cold.

I only served two trays. You can see one at each end of our drink display. I won't make them again. They were okay but too many other drinks already.

Don't forget jello shots!!! Shots! Shots! Shots!

I made almost every flavor and labeled them.

I also made jello shot brains. Last year I made green and red but I was slacking this year. LOL!

I didn't make these this year since I ran out of time. I will definitely make next year. Always a favorite and people were asking for them.
Dirty Panties (Recipe Here)

On top of the drink station it spelled LIQ-OR-TREAT in light up letters.
My drink station was made from boxes and lined with trash bags. This held the water when the ice started melting.

Before filling with drinks

(even a few I didn't use)

(Click link and right click and save)

Hope this helps plan your Halloween party drinks!

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