DIY Thanksgiving - FANCY PIE CRUST - fall leaves & colors - PUMPKIN or APPLE Pie Idea - Decorative holiday baking idea

Pumpkin pies are my favorite!! I decided to make the edges a little more colorful similar to my CARAMEL APPLE PIE and the PI PIE

I used the same premade pie dough from my POT PIE recipe. 

Pizza cutter to make the strips for the braids.

Cookie cutters for the acorns, pumpkins, and leaves.

I found this one at a bake shop and love it!

I used Wilton food coloring. Copper, Brown, Golden Yellow and "No Taste" Red. 

 Used paint brushes to apply color.

I had a tiny bit of water on the parchment paper to dilute the food coloring and to blend colors.

I painted all the cut outs and strips.

 I would suggest painting the strips last and braid right away. The thin pie dough dries out fast making the color crack when you braid.

You can see some of the cracks here at the rounded areas. It didn't look bad and no one would notice. 

I made two braids to fit around the edges.

I used a little water to attach to the pie crust.

Added all the little cutouts.

Fill with pumpkin pie mixture.

Not shown but I added foil under the acorns, pumpkins, and leaves. Since it's hanging over the edge and not supported, it will bend when you bake. To prevent that just add foil as the support.

I made one for the school, a party and Thanksgiving. So many compliments!!!

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