Creepy HUMAN EYEBALL deviled eggs - HALLOWEEN party food/appetizer idea - MONSTER eyes - Tutorial - How to - KID or ADULT parties

This was a trial run and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! So cool! So creepy!

I originally made these for our Halloween party last year. Made the test run and then tried to make them look like zombie eyes but it was a total FAIL! I wanted the white part green and the food color looked green in the pot I was soaking them in but they actually came out more blueish. Reminded me of something from SpongeBob. Lol!

I wish I had made HUMAN EYES or test run the color prior to a party. 

Be creative! Blue, green, brown, red or a mix of colors. 
Jumbo black olives
Food color
Large icing tip
Milkshake straw
Paint brushes or tooth picks
Hard boiled eggs. 

Cut off only a small portion of the narrow end of the egg. It might be a little harder to get they yolk out but slowly break it apart.

Make your favorite deviled egg recipe.

Large icing tip to remove the very center of the egg.

Milkshake straw (larger straw) to remove the"pupil"

Use the same straw to remove a piece of black olive.

Paint whatever eye color you want. 

Put it all back together with the olive pupil.

Fill with deviled egg mixture.

And gently add red "veins" to the side of the egg. It will bleed so use a fine paint brush or toothpick. Try to make the lines as thin as possible. 

Ta-da!!! I served the zombie eyes on spaghetti dyed black for the party. Looked awesome!
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