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I've made a few different versions of a money necklace or lei but I think this one looked the best and was the easiest by far. 
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Bead necklace - found at HEB in a package of 2
Birthday BOY or GIRL pin - found at HEB
20 - $1 dollar bills
Double sided tape
Curling ribbon

 Accordion fold (fold back and forth) the 20 $1 bills.

Use double sided tape to attach one end making a little fan. 

Using double sided tape again, attach two "fans" or two bills together putting the flat ends together. 

I tried it both ways but found it easier to add the curling ribbon after I attached the two bills together. 

I started by attaching the birthday boy pin the the beaded necklace with curling ribbon. I tried to make it hang straight. 

I used the curling ribbon on the bills to tie on the beaded necklace. I picked two (same color or two different colors and tied in between two beads. 


The hardest part was to make sure it was symmetrical. 
I started on one side and tried to tie them to hang evenly. 

Back side of the necklace.

Some I tied two colors together (orange and blue) and others I used the same coor (two orange.) 

I love how it turned out.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions just ask! 

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