2018 Annual Family Zombie Photo - Halloween Tradition - Make-up / Photoshoot - ZOMBIE CLOWNS!!!

Our family tradition for Halloween is to take family zombie pictures. We look forward to this every year and if the make-up wasn't so labor intensive, we would probably do more during the year. 
Looking back at 10 family photos!
2009 Graveyard
Zombie dog too! We were going to recreate this but our beloved Rolo passed away in March. 

2010 Dinner Time

2011 Bath Time
Even the rubber ducky is a zombie. This is my personal favorite. 

2012 Sightseeing Around Austin

2013 Family BBQ

2014 Breakfast in Bed

2015 Based Off Walking Dead

2016 Movie Night

2017 Family Camping


2018 Zombie Clowns

Happy Halloween!

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