RED CARPET ((downloadable)) VIP PARTY PASS - print at home - Hollywood MOVIE NIGHT idea - DIY fancy lanyard - How to make tutorial

Hosting a Red Carpet event? These VIP Passes are such a fun party detail. If you know your RSVP list ahead of time you can even add personalized text.

FREE download below.

I love these bling lanyards but I only had 3 leftover from past teacher appreciation gifts - Sparkle tagsPink Ribbon gifts, and more Sparkle tags.

Bummed I don't have enough for this event.

I made the tags double sided gold glitter photo on the back. Attached with double sided tape.

I thought about buying black office lanyards with clips but they weren't fancy enough.
It's a red carpet event after all.

I decided to make my own!!!

I bought 3 rolls of gold ribbon at Micheal's for $4.99 each and used a 40% off coupon. Each roll had 10 yards and made 10 lanyards with a little bit of ribbon left.

I used an award metal my son received as a template for approximate measurement. I also wanted to copy how it was put together. 

I purchased 50 gold jewelry loops for $2.99.  I ended up not liking the split rings since they scratched the tags when trying to attach. I bought single jewelry rings about the same size. Just bend to open and bend back. 120 (mix of large and small) for $3.99.

I didn't want to get the sewing machine out so I tried to hand sew the ribbon but that wasn't happening. The metallic strands just came apart. Then I tried hot glue but it just peeled off.

OKAY. Plan C.

 I tried super glue. Lol. FINALLY that worked.

I applied the super glue at an angle. I didn't take a pic of the glue but marked on the photo the angle I applied it.

Let dry.
Cut along the angle, just before the line of super glue. 
Open ribbon so it makes a V shape.
Take the end and fold it over.
This makes the flap that attaches the ring.

I used super glue to attach and held in place with a clothes pin until dry.

One down and 6 more drying. I let the glue dry over night but I'm sure you could work on them sooner.

I added one more ring on the VIP tag and attached the two rings.
Again, I didn't like the split rings on the tags. They attach like key rings and it scratched the top of the tag. I'll take a picture of the new rings and update.
Use a hole punch at the top.
All my tags were personalized and the names added near the bottom.


4x6 size has two VIP tags per print.
Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, print lab or print at home.
(Click link below and right click and save.)


Add text in any photo program or write with a sharpie.

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