NYE Balloon Pop Countdown IDEAS - Fun games, activities, photo booth and MORE - Family tradition to bring in the New Year!

We started this family tradition in 2012!!! 

We missed last year because we moved right before Christmas and no time to plan. :(
Now, it's back! Here's our 2018 NYE balloon pop! 

Can you believe I found ALL our NYE decorations at the grocery store!?  

11:00am was a joke.
  Since they were barely up for breakfast AND teenagers, we told them we were keeping everything age appropriate. They laughed because both of them wanted to play games. I told them the next balloon will have them hide in their room all day with snacks. Lol. 

Slow motion video HERE

Yup! I have amazing dogs and they do amazing-ish tricks. 
This was more for laughs. I told them everything was planned and controlled chaos was part of the show. That it was.  
They are all very smart but Archie (poodle on the right) does do several tricks. BUT he's so eager that he sometimes will do ALL of his tricks in a matter of seconds to get a treat. 
Everyone had a good laugh. 

He just got a bike for Christmas and I knew he would love this balloon pop.  
With that said, he kicked my butt. This was only my second time riding his 'heart attack hills' route but he said I did awesome. Yeah, I only had to walk ONE TIME this ride. Lol. 

They played Eraser Bounce. You try to bounce all the pencils into the cups. I should've had some ground rules that if the pencil goes in but knocks the cup over, which most did, that it counts. Then they played Rice Race. I used a sharpie to color 5 pieces of rice red. The person to find the most in a minute, without spilling, wins.

Parenting WIN!!! The tie breaker game was called Match It. Number of correctly matched socks. No time limit. I've never seen two teens so excited about laundry. Now I'm thinking we should've played mop it, dishes up, trash out. Haha!

We played games and got some laundry put up. WIN! WIN!

The winner of the Minute To Win It games received a $5 lottery ticket. I picked up some $1 tickets for them to scratch for this balloon pop. Super easy. 

This is a new game that my older son gave to his brother for Christmas. It's pretty fun but better with more people. Basically you are given a topic and everyone, except The Chameleon, has a way to figure out the word within the topic. The Chameleon has no idea but must say a word to make everyone thinks they know it or blend in.

For example, the topic was drinks. Card shows beer, soda, coffee, milk, etc.  We had a code to figure out the word was hot chocolate. The Chameleon had to go first with no idea the correct word and he said disgusting. He went off the fact that most of the drinks were something he didn't like or wouldn't drink. I think only two were something he liked. He said he had a good percentage that disgusting would work. Next we say a word that shows we know it but don't give it completely away. The Chameleon has a chance to guess. We said brown and hot. He guessed coffee. We got a point!

I almost blew this surprise. The night before I made an apple crumble to give to the new neighbors and one to keep. After dinner we had 15 minutes until this balloon pop. I grabbed it from their hands and told them to wait a little for their dinner to settle. Lol! 

We've made this in a skillet before but our skillets are huge. We decided to use a smaller pan and roast the marshmallows in the toaster. Don't laugh, it worked great!

We've didn't have enough Hershey bars so we used a few kisses to line the bottom and then top with marshmallows. Placed in the toaster (open so not to melt the handle of the pan) until the marshmallows were toasty. 


 We ended up not being able to go :( 
After eating so much of the s'mores skillet my younger son had a stomach ache for a bit.

Santa brought this Tiny Hands game. It comes with a timer, spinner, ball, string, tiny hands, tinier hands and challenge cards.
The object is to have teams and complete the challenges. We adjusted the game to individual challenges since my hubby had to work until 10:30.

We had fun and maybe more fun without the game. 
We had a ninja fight prior to these pictures. 

He was trying to take a selfie. Lol!

He will never pass up shrimp!

We each drew a name and had to act out that family member. It was pretty funny and spot on. 

The last two balloons are just fluff. Not really an activity but fun to pop.

Was it perfect? Absolutely not! But that's okay. 
I forgot to thaw the shrimp tray and realized 10 mins before the balloon pop. I had to thaw it last minute in the sink.
First Waffle didn't make it.
RIP 1st Waffle

Bike chain came off and became stuck 1/2 way on our bike ride. Walked it back home and hubby fixed it in 2 seconds and we were back on our ride. 
And we ended up not going to do fireworks with friends. :( 

If anything, all the little imperfections turned into jokes during or after.

I cheated a little and used the same back drop and photo area from our Red Carpet event. I set it up in the craft room and it worked perfect. 

We even sent out Happy New Year cards with this photo. 

Oh and this made me laugh and answered the question of why we have so much laundry. 
My younger son changed 5 times throughout the day!!!

Wishing everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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  1. Thank u so much for this, my kids had so much fun. The time went by quick for them and had fun while it did. They enjoyed it as well as the adults. Cant wait to see what next year holds. God bless and happy new year !

    1. Oh this makes me so happy! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I need to post our 2019, but I agree, the adults have just as much fun. I'm always surprised that the evening goes by so fast. Happy New Year!