BIG test coming up? Help kids ease STRESS & ANXIETY - DIY testing bag - Test day prep ideas - card, treats, stress relief ball

Have you seen testing bags?

I saw this idea when we volunteered to make testing bags for all the students at a charter school. I sat down ready to start and thought it was about about testing them. Maybe a pre-test before the test???

Lol! It's not. 
It's a care package to help ease stress and anxiety from testing.

This could be for a big spelling or vocabulary test, standardized state tests, midterms, finals, SAT, ACT, etc. It can be stressful leading up to the "big day."

I thought this was such a neat idea so I made one for my son before he took his SAT.

Here are some ideas:

Encouraging card

Snack & small water.

My boys love trail mix. 

Lol! This made me laugh.


Pencils (pre-sharpened)

Stress ball (homemade or store bought)

We used rice to make them for the charter school but I used baking soda.

I made an easy DIY stress relief ball and wrote "squeeze me" on it.

Balloons, baking soda, and funnel.

I cut the end off an empty water bottle to make the funnel.

Fill with baking soda. Leave enough room at the top to tie the balloon.

I put everything in a small bag in his favorite color. I really wanted to write all over it with good luck and do your best, but thought that would be too embarrassing.

He also had a place for his calculator, ticket to enter, and identification.

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