Birthday gift idea - DIY MONEY CAKE - How to make tutorial - Creative way to give $100 - Graduation & Wedding gift idea!

This is such a fun and creative way to give money. 

I used $1 bills for almost all of the cake. 4 - $5 bills for the top.
The entire cake is $100!

Cake tiers forms or make your own
$1 bills or any other amount
T-pins or straight pins
Poster board
Wooden dowel

Pick up brand new bills at the bank. This made it so much easier. 

Get a little extra just in case. I realized I needed more $1 bills instead of the $5 bills at 11pm. :/ IF I made this cake again I would use ALL $1 bills. 

I used two different sizes. Both purchased at Michael's with 50% coupons for each. 
Around $16 for both.

I tried to pre fold and roll most of the money before starting. 

Started by making a template of the angle of the folded bills. I added a sticky note to mark where to fold each bill. I lined them up and matched the edge of the sticky note. 

Having all the bills the same will make the cake look so much better. A small detail that makes a big difference.

I used a pen to roll the bills and paper clip to hold them in place.

 I used poster board and measured just so the paperclip would attach but the poster board would not show. Wrapped the long strip of poster board around the base and attached with tape.

I originally attached each bill with the paper clip on the top and bottom BUT I ran out of paper clips. I only had enough to attach the bills at the top. 

It looked so much nicer when attached both on the top and bottom.

I needed more $1 bills instead of the $5 bills so I have to redo all the rolled bills and loosen them a little. :/

I tucked the bills for the top behind the rolled bills and held in the center. Once I had them all covered I used one straight pin in the center to hold them all in place.

For the larger (bottom tier) I used a straight pin at the base and at the top. All the pins were covered up by the second tier.

I wanted the bills to look snug so I had to crease the edge of the bill down before placing the next bill. 

For the base I accordion folded the bills. Same as the money necklace tutorial.
Attached with a straight pin. 

I broke a dowel in half and placed in the bottom tier and attached the top tier.

For the topping I used 4 - $5 bills. Attached with a straight pin.

I love how it turned out.

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  1. How many folded dollars bills did you use for the bottom cake and also the top one?
    Thank You

    1. 24 bills on the bottom tier and 12 on the top tier.