Easy CUPCAKE decorating - no decorating tip needed to make them look awesome - less icing and LOTS of sprinkles

We recently had a bake sale for our local library and were talking about cupcakes. One of the volunteers kept saying she would bring cupcakes but couldn't make the icing fancy or pretty looking. I was talking about decorating tips but it's really a lot of icing. The day of the bake sale she showed up with her cupcakes and they looked fabulous!!! They were the most popular by kids and adults.

She did two different color themes with blue and pink and mixed a bunch of different sprinkles together for each color. 

Instead of blue and pink I called mermaid and unicorn. 

I'm throwing a luau party at the retirement residence this weekend and a lot of them can't have too much sugar. It's a lot of sprinkles but probably less sugar than a mound of icing.

 In a small mixing bowl I added orange, yellow, and pink sanding sugar and crystal sugar, light pink and yellow dragees, Valentine's day mix of nonpareils, and a mix of yellow, white, pink, and orange (I picked out all the green) jimmies. It was kinda fun just grabbing different sprinkles and adding a little of this and a little of that. In the end sprinkle mixture reminded me of pink lemonade.

I did use a round icing tip to start. This way I would apply about the same amount of icing.

Smoothing the icing out to a thin layer and closest to the edge without getting it on the cupcake liner.

Dip or lightly tap each cupcake in the bowl of sprinkles until all the icing is covered.

I found these cute flamingo baking cups and toppers at Micheal's.

They turned out so cute and all the residents loved them!!

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