DIY MINI chocolate party favors - silicone mold - Custom CANDY MELTS - LUAU theme ideas - Cute flamingo

I'm planning a LUAU themed bingo at our local retirement residence at the end of the month. I made these cute pineapple favor bags a couple days ago and now to fill them. I'm trying to come up with cute custom or personalized items or party favors that are not that expensive.

Found this mold at Michael's in the baking section. Candy melts are my favorite. I use them to make dipped nutter butters or oreo cookies but never tried them in a mold. 

To fill I broke up pieces of candy melts. Since these molds are super tiny I found it easier to grate some of the candy melts for smaller areas or add a second color. 

I added the green and yellow to some of the flowers.

This was a little bit of trial and error. My thought process was to heat the oven on a low temp to melt. Well, it was taking waaaaaayy too long so I increased the temperature from 100 degrees to 200 degrees. Within 5 minutes they burned :/ I had to freeze the mold in order to remove and start again.

Plan B - I filled the mold again and used the microwave.

Heat 40 seconds
Heat 20 seconds

I used the end of a paint brush to move the candy melts around to make sure the mold was filled completely.

Then I held the ends and tapped on the counter. Helps with air bubbles and smooths them out making the back flat.

Freezer for 10 minutes.

NOTE: I find if you freeze them too long they can get a little sticky. 

I love how they turned out.

I created cute labels and filled 4x6 treat bags.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions just ask! 

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