DIY luau themed water bottles - Mini bikini top & HULA skirt - Fun summer party ideas

Aren't they the cutest?!!!! Mini bikini top and hula skirt water bottles. I've seen the little hula skirts sold for cans or water bottles BUT they're over $7 for 4!!! Since I'm making these for a themed bingo at our local retirement residence, I'm trying to do everything as inexpensive as possible. We are planning for 20+ people!!!!

I'm using leftover rolls of crape paper streamers from the last office birthday celebration. I was down to the very ends of the rolls and not enough to decorate again.

PLEASE NOTE that I don't think they hold up with condensation. Luckily the residents like everything room temp. Whew! I would suggest trying plastic table covers. Fairly inexpensive and comes in lots of colors. The dollar store carries them!

Bikini top - I cut each top 10 1/2" but I used smaller water bottles. Measure and take in account that you twist the paper so cut extra.

I pinched the center to create the bikini top.

I spaced out a little over a 1/2" and pinched the crepe paper on each side.

I wrapped a small piece of yellow crepe paper for the center of the bikini top.

 Starting at the pinched area I twisted the crepe paper to the end.

I used a tiny bit of hot glue starting in the center and attached the back of straps.

Hula skirt - I cut the hula skirt 9" and made cuts about half way up along the crepe paper.

The tricky part was to make the crepe paper flare out a little to look like a skirt. While supporting the strands I gently ran my finger nail down a couple at a time.

IF you do it too hard you'll tear the strands off. :( Trial and error but this step makes the hula skirts look even cuter. 

 To make the little flowers I cut small 1" pieces of crepe paper and cut those in half. Rolled into little balls and hot glued 5 in a row and waited until dry. Then attached the end to make a circle and added a little yellow ball in the center. Time consuming but the skirt needed something and it turned out cute.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions just ask! 

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