Graduation MONEY CAKE!!! Fun gift & party table centerpiece idea - Great way to give cash - 4 tier square cakes

I've made several money cakes now and it's so much fun! I recently made three for friends and they turned out so cool. 

Tutorial for a round two tier cake HERE.

I thought I would do a tutorial on how to make a square money cake.

Purchased styrofoam squares at Michael's. 

I decided to make a 4 tier cake!!

The round bills add up quickly. 

I tested out spacing for approximate amount to make the cake. 

I cut poster board and wrapped the edges of the top tier.

Top tier fit 9 bills on each side equaling $36.

For the square I started in the corner matching the first bill to the edge. Then I folded the next bill over the edge. To see more on folding see my previous tutorial HERE.

I used small stick pins to attach bills and I tried to place them all in the same spot.

I used wooden dowels to secure each tier.

For the top I needed to cover the styrofoam. I wanted to use paper shreds but the ones I had were black but almost had a purple tint. I decided to make my own from streamers.  

Top tier - $36
3rd tier - $24
2nd tier - $28
Bottom tier - $32

Total amount - $120
I added ribbon to match school colors.

I also made another round cake. This one was $50.

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