Gender reveal party idea - Glitter HERSHEY'S candy bars - HE or SHE - Party favor / table decoration - Pink and blue

I'm so excited to help plan a gender reveal party!!!!

 I basically forced convinced my friend that she MUST have one.

We have some time before they find out but I'm a planner. I have so many ideas that I like to get it all organized.

First I wanted to do this cute idea with the Hershey's bars. 
I used Mod Podge with a tiny paint brush and lots of patience. 

Cover with glitter and tapped off excess onto a paper. I did all the blue first so I could use the paper as a funnel to add the extra glitter back into the container.

While still wet, I used my fingernail to push the edges that weren't straight. It's not perfect but this was my first try. I got a little better with practice. 

Let dry and used a dry paint brush to remove the rest of the excess.

I made the HE in Hershey's with blue glitter and SHE with pink glitter. 

I also tried sharpies and it worked great too. I really like the glitter but if you are looking for something that is quick and easy, definitely use sharpies. 
I tried a lighter color blue and pink and they didn't show up. You have to use darker blue and pink markers.

I haven't decided to do a balloon pop or a box reveal yet. I figured I'd let the parents decide the method of the reveal and I'll fill it. 

In the meantime, I purchased the balloon kit at Wal-Mart for $4.97. It comes with a black balloon, large blue and pink confetti, and large pink, blue, and silver streamer tassels. 

I'm ordering these metallic curtains and maybe a keeper of the gender shirt. 

I have blue and pink napkins, cups, balloons, and a polka dot bowl in each color. 
I'm thinking of filling them with candy or treats and maybe with themed wrappers.

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