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Here's a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make a backdrop decoration. If you have a party table you can decorate the wall behind it or a photo booth with colors to match the theme. 

So super easy and under $5!!!

Packing tape

I used 5 packages of streamers to make a 4 1/2 ft x 8 ft decoration on a wall in the office.  

I cut streamers to be 8 ft long. This was to fill the length of our wall from ceiling to floor. You can make them shorter if needed. 

I attached packing tape to a shelf in our office with the STICKY SIDE facing me. 

You could use two chairs spaced apart.

I picked my repeating pattern and attached streamers. 

I overlapped them to make sure all the tape was covered. 

Gently press each streamer in place. 

I continued the pattern. 

Once all the streamers were in place, remove and cut tape on either side.

 Fold excess tape at the ends. Now the sticky side of the tape is entirely covered up.

 I folded in half and in half again to store until ready to use. 

I hid it in the office behind a box.

I also hide the balloons. One popped during the day and we had to convince the birthday girl that we thought it was a car backfire in the parking lot. :) Lol!

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