GENDER REVEAL party PHOTOS & planning details - themed decorations, favors, treats & drinks - How to make tutorials - Baby Shower ideas

AND I can finally say.....It's a BOY!!!!!!!

I was the "keeper of the gender" for a reveal party. Whew! I survived the quizzing & guessing and kept it a secret until the party. Now I'm sharing free downloads and tutorials. I had the best time planning and creating. 

I did it! I kept the secret for two loooong weeks. TIPS if you're a keeper. 

1. Anytime someone asked about the gender I always answered, "You have a 50% chance of being right." Practice that phrase!

2. I recommend replacing the following words:
 pink, blue - both colors
 boy, girl - baby or sex of baby

I bought this cute Keeper of the Gender shirt on Etsy & nail polish from Ulta.

I found the balloon at Wal-Mart and after watching reveal party fails, I purchased another balloon at Micheal's just in case. I also hid the balloon in a spare room until the reveal. I only had it out for a few photos before the guests arrived.

I used the letters on the treat table.  Details HERE

I made chocolate dipped oreos, my favorite go to treat. 

Alternated blues and pinks from the ribbon.

I bought these Team Pink & Team Blue stickers on Amazon. 

We had everyone wear the color they were guessing. Some wore both colors. For the photos with the TEAMS SIGNS we had everyone pick their guess. No more "we guess both" and had everyone pick either pink or blue. They couldn't have both colors. 

I made candy tags to match the welcome & team signs. This is also my go to candy ideas. I  made them for police appreciation weekLUAU, with office logos, team candy, thanksgiving treats, and so many more. I need to make the text darker and I'll upload a free download. Check back soon. 

Don't laugh but I ran out of time. I was finishing up decorations & signs, making oreos, painting my nails, and packing up supplies. I knew I wouldn't have enough time to bake cupcakes BUT I wanted to have pink and blue icing. 

I purchased cupcakes from the bakery and removed the icing. Colored store bought icing and decorated. Totally cheated but they turned out so cute!

I made these cute tags to match the welcome and team signs.

4x6 size - 1 per print.
Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, print lab or print at home.
(Click link below and right click and save)

The very first thing I made were these candy bars. I put them away in the pantry and ended up forgetting them. I was pretty bummed.

I also had beads for everyone to wear along with the stickers but I forgot them too. :(

Even the drinks were themed. Lemonade and Blue Hawaiian Punch for BLUE & Pink Lemonade for PINK. 

I found some other decorations at Michael's on sale. 

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