Gender Reveal / Baby Shower PARTY ideas - DIY decorations - Large display, photo backdrop, table decor and more!

I had the best time planning this party! So. Much. Fun.
Here are some DIY decoration ideas. 

I love the photo backdrop area!!!!

I used the gold curtains from our Red Carpet Event & NYE photos. I ordered the Pastel Fringe Curtains from Amazon. It came with both colors that measured 3ft x 6ft. I folded them in half to make it fuller. 

The boxes were one of my favorite decorations. So easy and inexpensive for something that stands out so much. You could do BOY or GIRL for a baby shower. 

16x16 packing boxes
Hot glue gun
Craft paint
Scapbook paper or spray paint

I sealed the boxes using hot glue. Don't seal with packing tape. The paint won't cover that area. 

 My original plan was to wrap the boxes in solid pink and solid blue wrapping paper but I couldn't find any solid colors I liked. I used craft paint instead. 

I used a wide brush to paint the top and all the sides. I did not paint the bottom.

Painted one coat and let dry and then applied a second coat.

I bought two bottles of paint and between the boxes and another craft I had 1/2 a bottle of paint left.

I printed letters and cut out to use as a stencil.

I originally was going to spray paint the letters on the boxes but I ran out of time. 

Plan B! I used gold corrugated scrapbook paper I found at Micheal's. 

I used the stencils to trace the letters. 

I like how they turned out but wish the A & Y were a little thicker. I made them first and had a hard time trimming the B's down without making them look weird. 

Attached letters to the boxes with hot glue.


Purchased letters and paint at Micheal's. I wanted them wide enough to stand alone without being mounted on a base.  

I used the same paint as the boxes. Two coats of paint and clear sealer spray paint.


I made the backdrop last minute from leftover PVC pipe from Halloween

All supplies were leftover so you can adjust as needed. Here's what I used.

Supplies - 3/4" PVC:

2 - T connectors
1 - single connector
2 - elbow connectors
2 - 83" PVC (sides)
2 - 40" PVC (top)
2 - 24" & 2 - 14" PVC (base)

I cut the PVC I had to 83" for the sides.
I didn't have a long enough piece for the top so I connected two 40" pieces together. 
It would've been better to use one piece. 

I also only had random pieces for the base. 2 - 24" and 2  - 14". I used the longer pieces for the rear of the base and added weights. 

I made a diaper cake for decoration and also a little gift to take home.

 Tutorial HERE.

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