Gender Reveal SIGNS - TEAM blue/pink - WELCOME SIGN (girl or boy) Gold glitter - LARGE 16x20 prints - Free printable

I'm hosting a gender reveal party and made these cute TEAM PINK & TEAM BLUE and Welcome to the BIG REVEAL signs. 

 I love how they turned out! 

On the invitation I 'm going to ask everyone to wear their guess - pink or blue. I also purchased stickers if someone doesn't wear their guess or wears both colors. 

You can have the files for FREE. Just email me. 

I would love to see photos if you use them. Please share!

The Team BOY & Team GIRL signs are 16x20 and I printed at Walgreens. They did not cut them to size so I had to trim at home. I used an exacto knife and they look pretty good.

I purchased a 3 pack of 16x20 foam boards at Micheal's. 

Photos are attached to the boards with double sided tape. SO EASY!

Welcome to the BIG REVEAL sign - 8x10 

I printed the sign at Walgreens and mounted on gold scrapbook paper from Micheal's. 

I used double sided tape to attached and trimmed excess scrapbook paper.

I added ribbon for a way to hang the sign. 

I used a hole punch in each corner and double ribbon. 

Why does it have a heart? I wanted to use a white frame but they cost almost $10. 
This one was .99 cents! I tested and the print fit perfectly over the heart. 

Painted and attached 5x7 print with hot glue. 

Just email me!

16x20 size - 1 per print.
Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, or print lab.

8x10 size - 1 per print.
Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, print lab or print at home.

5x7 size - 1 per print.
Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, print lab or print at home.

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  1. These are beautiful. I would love to get these printables for the Team Girl and Team Boy pins and cards please. Thank You

    1. Absolutely! Send me your email and I'll share.


      Thank You

    3. Just emailed. Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Hey may I be emailed these printables please my email is . Thankyou in advance :)

    1. I tried to email and accidentally sent the wrong files but I got a bounce back from your email. I'll email the correct files but can you check your email address.

  3. I absolutely love these! I am planning a gender reveal for a dear friend of mine and I would love to use these. Could you email me the printable files to

    Thank you in advance!