EASY 2 tier diaper cake - Baby shower idea - HOW TO MAKE tutorial - Table centerpiece or gift - 1 package of newborn diapers

I recently made a diaper cake for a baby shower and it turned out so cute. You can add gift cards or baby toys but it's so cute by itself. Could be used as a table centerpiece or decoration. 

Here is a tutorial to make a small two tier diaper cake with one package of newborn diapers. 

Huggies newborn diapers - 31
Paper shreds
Rubber bands
Hot glue

To roll the diapers, start at the top of the diaper and roll to the bottom. This will give you a nice finished side. Use a rubber band to secure.

I rolled 7 individual diapers and bunched together to make the center circle. Then used a larger rubber band to hold them in place.

Then I rolled 15 more individual diapers. 
I added another large rubber band around the center and started filling in the diapers making a ring around the original 7 in the center. 

I filled in 11 of the 15 diapers and started using the paper shreds to space out the center and outer ring. This will give you room to add the additional 4 diapers. 

 For the remaining 9 diapers I made the top tier. I overlapped the diapers vertically and rolled. Secured with a large rubber band around them. 

I filled the center with paper shreds making it a little larger. You can adjust the diaper to make them evenly spaced. 

I placed two dowels on either side of the bottom tier and slid the top tier in place. 

It actually holds pretty well. I didn't use anything extra to hold the diapers together.

I wrapped the ribbon around each tier to hide the rubber bands.

 I attached the ribbon together with hot glue at the ends. I did not attach anything to the actual diapers so not to ruin any of them. 

I printed a few graphics and attached with hot glue to the ribbon. 

I used a dowel to attach the top graphic. 

Made a small ribbon bow to hide the dowel.

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