DIY bunny shirt - no vinyl needed - PEEP dog shirt for Easter - Acrylic paint and printed stencil

This was so last minute but I wanted to make Archie, my dog, a peep bunny shirt before our Easter themed bingo tomorrow. I bought the shirt for him from Amazon a couple weeks back and thought about doing a vinyl applique BUT I ran out of time. Plan B!

What you need:
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Printed stencil or shape
Sewing kit or hot glue

I  used metallic white acrylic paint. 

White tulle for the peep tail.

I printed a peep shape on 11x17 paper and placed under the shirt and traced with chalk.

I didn't think about if I add a bunny tail then you are looking at the REAR of the peep. I originally painted the black eyes and nose and had to wipe it off  (not easy) and paint over it a few times so the white covered my mistake.

Painted (few times) and let dry. 

I used a piece of cardboard to wrap the tulle around.

Carefully slid it off and used sewing thread to tie it in the center. Then I followed the loops at the end of each side and cut.

Trimmed off any longer pieces.

Tested placement and size. I trimmed it down twice to make it look size appropriate. Lol! 

Sewed in place or use hot glue to attach.

So cute!

He looked adorable!

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