Chocolate dipped Pretzel Rods - EASTER TREAT IDEA - Tips & tricks for dipping - DIY tutorial

Dipped pretzel rods are so easy to make and easy to match a color theme. 

Pretzel Rods
Candy Melts 
Coconut oil - optional
Bowls for melting
Tall cups for dipping
Parchment paper
Pretzel bags

I made 40 pretzel rods. 
2 bags of the HEB brand pretzel rods. Several were broken or I could've made more.
2 bags of candy melts (pink and yellow) and I almost used the entire bag of both colors.
2 small bags of Wilton Spring Sprinkles.

I used tall narrow glasses for dipping. 

I have the candy melts pictured in the glasses prior to melting but I did not heat them in the glass. 

I used bowls to heat the candy melts and transferred to the glasses. The glass gets too hot to hold and it's much easier in the bowl. I did a tutorial and details about the coconut oil HERE. I added to each bowl to make the consistency a little thinner for easier dipping.

Dipped pretzel and lightly shook off the excess without touching the glass. Placed on parchment paper. 

I only dipped the ends but you could use taller glasses or fill the glass up more.

Dip 3-5 pretzels and add sprinkles.

Let dry. If needed you can place them in the refrigerator for about 5 mins to harden faster. Do not leave them in there for long. Candy melts get sticky if left in the fridge.

If you refrigerated, wait until back to room temp before bagging.  

Bag and add matching ribbon.

We brought them to bingo for all the residents and staff.

Archie came to visit and wore his PEEP shirt!

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