Mini glass jar pendants - Fairy or Pixie Dust filled vial - Unicorn/ Mermaid magic - Great party favor idea - How to make - gift ideas - Tooth Fairy

I bought these little jars for no reason at all except to play. 
The possibilities are endless and I'm obsessed. :)

I made a few college and high school colors with team logo confetti. Similar to the jingle bell jumbo glitter ornaments I made last month.

I found the tiny jars above online but I was at Micheal's yesterday and found a bunch of different sizes and shapes.

All in the jewelry section.

Michael's also has a new end cap FULL of jumbo glitter and assorted glitter sets.
OOOooooh aaaaahhhh!

I ended up getting 4 of the 6 colors and I'll be back for the others soon.

I also saw in the embossing/stamp section lots of extra fine glitter in every color, jumbo glitter, glass glitter and microbeads. 

Microbeads are little balls that are perfect for these jars.

Dragon scales, Mermaid magic, etc!

I bought more little jars and 18' necklace. 

I used an icing tip as my funnel and tiny hors d'oeuvre spoon to pour. Lol! 

These little jars would make great party favor gifts for a unicorn, mermaid, or fairy party. 
What about a gift from the tooth fairy!? So cute!

That reminds me of the time I tried to glitter the tooth fairy money and my boys said it looked like it came from my craft room. That was the day they didn't believe anymore. Lol!

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