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Our annual balloon pop countdown on New Year's Eve!

I set up the color pattern of balloons. I planned all the activities ahead of time before selecting the times. This way if something only takes a few minutes to complete you don't have to wait an hour and a half for the next activity. 

Don't worry if it's not right. You can push back a time on a balloon if you are still doing an activity. 

I liked my set-up last year and made two rows again. 

Just waiting to get the boys to get up for the first balloon pop. 

#1 - It's 10:15! Wake up sleepyheads! Get dressed and get donuts!

#2 - It's 12:00! Time to shake it! DANCE OFF!

#3 - It's 1:30! Let's go ice skating!

Bonus! They had hot chocolate. 

On the way home we stopped by to grab some fireworks and had a little car trouble. 
THEN we stop by the store to grab some beer and the entire bottom opened up. YIKES! 
Just getting all the bad luck out of the way before the new year. :)

#4 - It's 3:00! Have a little advice for the upcoming year? Time to record a video to your future self. 
Haha! I gave them 15 mins and they were so cute. My older son started off with, "Hi YOU! Or should it be hi me? Or future you?" Lol!

#5 - It's 5:10! Let's prep dessert {{apple crisp}} and start dinner. This is a family favorite!

#6 - It's 6:30! Photobooth fun!

This year I used some black material and black and silver ribbon on sale after Christmas. 
Same DIY photo booth set-up HERE


#7 - It's 7:40! Think you're fast? Time for a hover board race!
I lost. Lol! At least I didn't break anything.  

#8 - It's 8:00! Who's ready for a game of Pictionary!?

#9 - It's 9:05!Ready to go a little mad....with science!!??? Get ready to become mad scientists. I don't have any photos but we did experiments with dry ice. 

#10 - It's 10:15! Time for a snack. How about shrimp cocktail and cheese and crackers? This is something we do every year and the boy know it's coming. 

#11 - It's 10:55! Who wants to light some sparklers!?

I don't have pictures of #12 & #13

#12 - It’s 11:45! Get ready …. Glasses out for a New Year’s toast!

#13 - It’s MIDNIGHT! Cheers to 2016! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Happy New Year from May & Red! 

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