Harry Potter Themed Party IDEA - BRIDAL SHOWER - Favors and decoration ideas!

I love themed parties and was sooooooo excited to help a friend plan/brainstorm for an out of town Harry Potter themed bridal shower. Yippee!!! I was only the creative consultant and small pre-maker of just a few ideas. 

If you've seen the movie you'll know the part where all the candles are floating over head in the Room of Requirement. Well the idea was to make the candles and attach with fishing line to clear balloons to make them "float"

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Hard to see (sorry.) This was my messy work station on scrap paper. I first made a template for size, traced a TON of them and cut.

Started by using an off white paint to add depth to the candle stick. Fun messy painting. Then added red and yellow to the tip, blended and added a little brighter orange. They all turned out a little different but very cool.

Let them dry and painted the back the same way.

They looked a little plain and I was going to glitter the tops with real glitter and glue but I was afraid they might get heavy for the balloon. Instead I used plain Glitter Blast.

Little sparkles for that extra touch :)

I didn't get to see the final picture from the party but I suggested fishing line attached to balloons filled with helium. Make the strings long enough to hang the candles just above the guests.


Used 2x6 1/4 inch mini paper sacks and gold ribbon to make broom stick party favor bags. 
Just cut the bag into strips 3/4 the way down. This way you still had a bag to put items in and gather the strips and add a ribbon. Made it look like a broom.

Filled with two gold Lindor chocolates for Snitches and mini bags with raisins as owl poop. Not sure if she added anything else. 

Made a cute little tag to attach to the raisin bags. So funny!

I also made personalized thank you tags (not pictured) for the outside of the bag with the date of the event. Personalized tags can be ordered HERE.

Thank you for stopping by!

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