DIY Super Easy & Inexpensive PHOTO BOOTH idea! Great for PARTIES!

I posted our NEW YEAR'S EVE kid friendly activities and so many people asked about this photo booth. 

It was SUPER EASY and put together in a matter of minutes. So much fun and definitely a highlight of the night. 

We made it for NYE but perfect for parties, sleepovers, weddings, etc. 

1 or 2 -tension rods (shower curtain rods) 
wrapping paper, craft paper or material
(optional) streamers, ribbon, any other hanging decorations
fishing line

I found some wrapping paper on sale after Christmas at Target. Looked kinda NYE-ish. Black with silver snowflakes. 

Dizzy danglers from Wal-Mart for .97 (pk of 3), black and white streamers, and black and silver (Christmas) ribbon I found at Micheal's on sale. We didn't end of using the streamers or ribbon because it looked awesome already. YAY!

I purchased a tension rod at Wal-Mart for $6.96 and should have bought two. One for the backdrop and one for the decorations. Works anywhere in a door way or hallway. This would be perfect if you didn't want a room accessible at a party. Photobooth in the doorway. GENIUS!!!

Due to the lack of planning, I ended up lugging my huge backdrop holder out instead and using one tension rod. 

The boys set it up between activities. After he hung all the dizzy dangers I moved the tension rod up close to the top. 

I was testing the camera and the boys were not even paying attention and I didn't notice my hubby's different poses for each test shot until I uploaded. Made me smile. 

My favorite is his Always Sunny In Philadelphia BEAR and DEER = "BEER" shirt. This was a Christmas present. 

So awesome!

I would like to say this was a one shot take but we probably threw confetti about 10 times and ate some a couple of time. 

Me AGAIN! I know, such a goon.

The best part was after it was over I rolled the paper back up and I'll use it next year to wrap presents :)

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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  1. Extremely informative. I wanted to thank you for this excellent post.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate you visiting and the compliment!

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  3. Love this. Have a wedding shower I'm hosting in Feb and this will come in handy. For the lighting...did you set up a light? Is this just your camera flash?

    1. No extra lights. I have attachable flash and a little box diffuser on top. Just tilted it to straight up to get the bounce from the ceiling. Worked perfect. I also have a little $20 remote that I love. Such an easy idea. Hope this helps.

  4. Very neat idea. The photos turn out really nice. Kudos for sharing!