Easy GIFT IDEA - free printable- BOY/GIRL Marshmallow {{gun}} Mini Bow with AMMO! So fun!

Here is a quick post on a easy gift idea

The picture says BOY gift but it's perfect for girls too. My boys won some at Dave & Buster's at a bday party and they turned out to be so much fun! We ended up giving them as Christmas presents to a few friends and cousins. Great birthday gift idea for sure!

They even have a Camo Mini Bow

Plus the little bag of AMMO, great addition to the gift. Free downloadable tag below. 

4x6 cello bag filled with mini marshmallows

After a few times we found it easier if you let the marshmallows sit out until a little stiff. This way they don't stick together in the "magazine". Better results.

My dog doesn't usually eat sweet stuff (except chocolate, don't get me started) but every time one hit the floor he thought it was a treat for him. Almost knock you down to eat the ammo. :)

Click HERE to download 4x6 AMMO tag for FREE
(right click and save)

Send the file to a 1hr photo lab for easy printing or print at home

Such a fun gift. It was a hit with everyone!

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