Easy GIFT IDEA - free printable - BOY/GIRL Marshmallow {{gun}} Mini Bow with AMMO!

Here is a quick post on a easy gift idea with free downloadable *ammo* tag. ;)

These marshmallow mini bows are awesome! My boys won some at Dave & Buster's at a birthday party and they turned out to be so much fun! We ended up giving them as Christmas presents to a few friends and cousins. Great birthday gift idea for sure!

Plus the little bag of AMMO, great addition to the gift. Free downloadable tag below. 

Use a 4x6 cello bag and fill with mini marshmallows.

After a few times we found it easier if you let the marshmallows sit out until they get a little stiff. This way they don't stick together in the bag or bow. 

We don't give our dog sweets but every time a marshmallow one hit the floor he thought it was a treat for him. He would almost knock you down to eat the ammo. :)

Click HERE to download 4x6 AMMO tag for FREE
(right click and save)

Send the file to a 1hr photo lab for easy printing or print at home

Such a fun gift. It was a hit with everyone!

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