PATRIOTIC treat IDEAS - pretzels & PEEPS - No Bake - Chocolate dipped - Red, White & Blue

I went to the dollar store and found these cups and straws....hmmmm what to make???

Btw, 24 straws for $1 is a great deal!!!

Pretzels are always an easy favorite but I think I was being a little lazy.  After dipping these nutter butter cookies I decided to only dip the pretzel half way too.

White chocolate
Candy Melts (Red & Blue)
Parchment paper

Heat chocolate and dip, add sprinkles or drizzle with candy melts.

Bagged and added a ribbon.

Super cute! I ended up making these for the retirement residents for Memorial Day and when we called Bingo. They loved them.

Now what to do with the straws?? I originally thought of doing dipped marshmallows which is another favorite but then I found patriotic peeps!!! 

So excited and they looked cute in the package. I love PEEPS and putting them on a stick would be awesome, right!? NOPE! They looked super creepy.  Maybe dipping them in chocolate would make them cute. NOPE! Didn't help and now they looked like a cross between Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Penguin from Batman.


Some things work out and some don't. Lol. MOVING ON....

THEN I saw GIANT marshmallows!!! I've made these for a few events lately and people love them!

It's hard to tell from this photo but they are about 2" tall! 
I'll try to post a picture of one next to a regular marshmallow for a size reference.

Giant or regular marshmallows
Candy Melts

I usually like to dip the stick in chocolate first and insert BUT these are going stay upside down and bagged. I figured it didn't need the extra support.

Candy Melts 

Heat candy melts and dip. I held the edges of the marshmallows instead of the stick when dipping.

Added sprinkles

Set on parchment paper to dry.

 Did you notice I alternated the color of candy melts opposite the straw!? :) 

I used the same size bags above for the pretzels but I trimmed off about 1 1/2 inches from the top before bagging.

So cute!!

I'll add these little tags and done!

Thank you for stopping by!

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