FABRIC Magnetic board FRAME & Magnets to match! Bathroom or Office - DIY craft TUTORIAL - makeup, supplies, notes, etc

I made this magnetic frame a few years ago and I still think it's the coolest project! It can be used in the bathroom, office, mud room to hang notes or to do lists, etc. Decorative way to organize! 
I love bright colors and this goes perfect in my craft room! 

I found scatter frames on sale at Hobby Lobby, HOT pink spray paint, and picked out a fabric to match. 

My next stop was Home Depot and to find a size to fit the frame. Bought this one for $4.30 in the plumbing department.

They don't really cut metal but the gentleman was nice enough to see if he could. I ended up re-cutting with one of my hubby's tools to make it fit perfectly but the edges were a little rough. I covered it with fabric so know one will ever know.

Spray painted frame hot pink and painted some of the design with hot pink metallic craft paint....then GLITTER BLASTED!!! 

I picked up Posh Pink and Clear Sealer.

LOVE it!!!!


Trim excess fabric

I found 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive spray online and also at Wal-Mart in Glue/Adhesive section in the housewares department. Kinda pricey but it's worth it. It's a huge can and I've used it for several other projects.

Spray metal, lay fabric and smooth out wrinkles and bubbles. (have something underneath you project or use outside since it sprays further then you think) I had scrap paper under it and it was sooooo sticky!

Spray edges and pull tight as you fold it over

No one will ever see the back BUT I couldn't leave it like that. 

 I cut a piece of cardboard the same size as metal to fit the frame. Sprayed with adhesive spray and folded edges down.

Hot glued together.......it's perfect!!!! No ugly side showing!

Now that I mention it you'll see it but I'm wondering why I didn't center the design. Hmmmm. With all the crap I have on it you can't even tell now. :) Just this picture makes my cringe a tiny bit.


Found some heavy duty magnets at Michael's Craft Store and at Wal-Mart

If you want to make a post-it note magnetic, use FLAT magnetic strips vs. the rolled magnets. If you use rolled it slowly bends back to the rolled shape pulling apart the pad.

Furniture sliders work perfect since you have so many sizes to choose! Found them at Wal-Mart in the housewares department. 

I liked the hooks to maybe hang keys or something and the smaller furniture sliders.
Spray paint, paint or Glitter Blast hooks and sliders. I tried painting one slider with metallic craft paint to see if it would look good. After the second coat it did. So if you don't have spray paint, you can use craft paint. 

I used the leftover material from covering the board and attached button magnets to the back with hot glue. 

TA DA!!!!!

If you make this project to hold makeup you can attach button magnets with hot glue to the back of everything. They pop off easily when the makeup is used up and reattach to new makeup.

Thank you for stopping by!

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