DIY Black Light GLOW PARTY idea - NEON paint backdrop - photo booth - FUN DECOR

I absolutely love this idea!

We went to a GLOW PARTY and I'm obsessed with this photo backdrop or party decor! I did not make this but had to try it out. First stop, Micheal's! I think the $1 store would be a perfect place to check too! (I'll update if I find stuff )

It was still light outside so everything looked even cooler the darker it got. They had these giant black lights and colorful lights rotating designs.

Photo on the LEFT was without a black light. You can see the sun on their shirts. Photo on the RIGHT they shined the giant black light (that was facing the dance floor) to face the backdrop. WOW! I thought it was awesome before but this really made it bright.

I took all the photos with my phone which was impressive since normally black light photos are hard to capture without a blur. With the amount of light it didn't seem to be a problem.

 I still had blurry pics from the dance floor but I knew that was going to happen.

What you need:

Black paper
Neon paint

I found rolls of black craft paper at Michael's but it's kinda pricey. I think for a big backdrop you would need 2 rolls. Each $9.49 (ouch) but maybe cheaper somewhere else. 

I also found mini rolls that were only $1 to make smaller decor to hang up. 

I found two different neon paints. Kids arts and craft section had some for $1.69 each (and they were on sale)

or a larger pack for $8.49. 

In the craft paint section I found these bottles for $.79 each. 

I brought my little LED black light to test if they were UV reactive and they are!

Attach the rolls of black paper together with tape or glue. NOTE: tape is UV reactive so make sure you tape on the back side.

Hang outside or in the garage to paint. Make designs or splatter!  AWESOME!!!

They handed out neon hats, glow rings, necklaces, and glasses too!

Such a fun party idea! 

Check back soon when I share the UV reactive treats we made!!!!

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  1. I’m looking for uv reflective markers. Do you know which ones would work?

    1. I've seen invisible UV blacklight markers on Amazon( that are invisible in normal lighting, but illuminate bright under UV blacklight. I have not tried them but maybe worth a read on reviews. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

  2. Out of the three paints which did you use?

    1. The first three photos are all the same paints (just shown it comes in bulk package or individually)and it's the one used. I happen to see another brand while picking up more. :) Thank you for asking and I'll update the post. Thank you!!!