Halloween care package - PUMPKIN filled with candy MAILED - NO BOX - great for college kids! Fun ideas of how to fill - treats & novelty gifts - Send Priority mail

It worked!!!!! This is such a fun care package idea for Halloween. 

I filled 4 pumpkin buckets with fun Halloween novelty gifts/candy and mailed.  

I purchased the buckets at HEB for $1

Socks - Walgreens
Tattoo arm sleeves - HEB
Press on nails - adult - HEB & child - Michael's
Zombie bath gift set - HEB
Light up necklaces - Walgreens
Lip pops - Walgreens
Pumpkin tattoos - HEB
Cards - Petsmart
Witch fingers - Michael's
CANDY...lots of candy!

I found a bowl that was close to the same size as the opening. I would've just taped it in place if I had green bowls. Bonus idea!!! :)
I traced the bowl and drew notches. 
Used an exacto knife to cut them out. You don't have to be perfect and adjust once you place it on the pumpkin.

I cut the notches just a little longer so they fit inside the pumpkin. 

I was going to add the address to the top but decided to write Happy Halloween instead. 

Sealed with packing tape. 

I used priority stickers and placed them on the back side of the pumpkin. 

Off to the post office!

Cost to mail priority was between $8.20 - $ 11.20.

Two pumpkins had double the stuff so they were $11.20 to mail.

They all arrived in one piece! Such a fun surprise!

Happy Halloween!

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